Aluminium Channelium Letter Signage

With our developing facilities and skilled professionals, we are able to manufacture trade and supply a high quality range of Aluminum Channel Letters.

Cut aluminum letters are available in many options:

  • Stud mounted aluminum letters from 3” to 48” tall
  • Small aluminum letters – from ½” tall – 2” tall (Premium mini letters with adhesive mounting)
  • Thicknesses from ⅛” to 1”
  • Mounting options including flush to wall or raised/floating off the wall with spacers
  • Finishes including anodized (hardened) for longer outdoor life along with traditional polished, brushed satin and baked-enamel paint
  • Orbital and random arc sanding patterns


  • Visual appearance
  • Low power consumption
  • Open face channel letters
  • greater depth or thickness
  • Wide variety of sizes, thickness, and finishes
  • Intricate details

Call on +919820688801 or email to let us know about your requirements.